Saturday, November 3, 2007

Screw Election Laws! Elect Ron Paul!

Nothing like a litte Paultard thinking...

We Should Set Up A Fund So People In Other Countries Can Donate to RON PAUL
We could set up an account for collecting donations from out of the country. Then people who havent given the max could divvy it out. We could automate it with paypal or egold or something. Could it be made legal Is it ethical Leave a reply and help us figure something out.

Never mind that such a thing would violate federal election laws. By hook or by crook, by means fair or foul, ronpaul08!

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Anonymous said...

Paultard: "Who needs federal election laws? Just have them send over their GOLD COIN. Nothing else should be legal tender, anyhow!"

(Except credit card numbers stolen by cybercriminals from phishing porn sites.)

Together, left and right, we shall defeat the loony libertarians.