Friday, November 2, 2007

Paultard of the Month!

Earlier this week, broke with the big announcement:

"Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) endorses Ron Paul"

Except... that's not completely true. Turns out that way back when, the VFW-PAC endorsed Ron Paul in the 2004 and 2006 Texas Congressional races, but... not they're not endorsing Dr. Paul for POTUS. Oh no. Not at all.

The VFW had this to say...

The body of your statement is correct on what the VFW organization does for Veterans. However, by your title, you are implying that the VFW is endorsing candidate Ron Paul for the 2008 Presidential election. This title is untrue and needs to be corrected immediately. If this announcement is not corrected we will have no choice but to notify our 2 million members and the national media with a press conference that this announcement is untrue, deceiving and manipulative.
Brandon Lloyd of Americans United for Freedom PAC took issue:
You are incorrect that we were trying to imply VFW endorsed Ron Paul for President. To the contrary, the text clearly read, "Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) endorses Ron Paul." We didn't state "for Congress" or "for President," we simply said you endorsed him and that's correct (as you yourself indicated). With all your fancy lawyers, I'd think you'd realize this. You have no legal basis to stand on, so your statement of facts is incorrect, and I'd like to point that out to you. Not as a response to your ludicrous claims and demands (shouldn't you guys be spending time helping Veterans instead of picking on the little guy?) - but instead because of a concern brought up by a fellow Ron Paul supporter - the site has been updated to reflect that this endorsement was indeed for Congress in 2004 and 2006, to avoid any possible ambiguity.We, Sir, have no need to be ambiguous, as apparently (and regretfully) may be perceived by the reader of the website, because Ron Paul's record speaks for itself.

Congratulations to Brandon Lloyd: October's Paultard of the Month!

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Robert E said...

Your wrong on Ron Paul. I have heard him talk about all the aid we give to Arab countries in comparison to Israel. With you working for Ron Paul for six years you seem to not know anything he has said.